Life not working

out the way

you’d planned?

However your life is unfolding…

deschooling | decolonising | unlearning | rewilding | reconnecting | re-parenting | soul searching | truth seeking | enlightenment chasing | purpose finding | lifestyle transitioning | jump-shipping | status-quo disrupting | change making | climate acitivist-ing | new-paradigm building

if you think you might be done with the old ways…

just work harder | marginal gains | self-sacrifice | reliving trauma | emotional exhaustion | doing it all alone | patriarchy | capitalism | neo-liberalism | systemic inequity | white-supremacy | vertical hierarchy | disconnected with nature | climate crisis denial | mind over matter

I can help.


My name is May Ling.

I’m a transformative coach, a spirit

catalyst and an advocate for

self-directed education.

Ready to leave overthinking at the door?

I work with an understanding that is intrinsically liberating, empowering, awe-inspiring, deeply nourishing, relaxing and reconnecting.

Yet it is also profoundly simple.

I don’t offer a technique or a process that claims to work for everyone (if only you put in the hard work and if only you want it desperately enough). I’m not interested in quick fixes or better coping strategies.

I offer you the opportunity to finally take root in your own wisdom, in your own connection with the deeper intelligence of life.

This is available to everyone.

When you follow your own internal guidance system you will feel whole, aligned, confident and uncomplicated, no matter what it looks like on the outside.
This is spiritual integrity, and this is how we create the life you really want, in a way that makes the journey as fulfilling and wonder-filled as the vision. And you’ll be amazed how prone to luck, coincidence, serendipity and miracles this makes you!

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what my clients have to say: