Time to take root?

Every client I work with is unique so one size does not fit all.

Having said that, there are some rules I tend to work by because they just seem to work:

Jumping in is better than dipping a toe

Clients that opt for an immersive experience at the beginning of our work together develop deeper roots, quicker.

Use life as your laboratory

Regular coaching should be spaced far apart enough that you have time in-between to notice how your awareness is changing, and to allow you to experiment with your own navigation, but not so far apart that you feel you’re out of your depth.

Don’t leave when the party is only just getting started

We reach stages of completeness to this work that feel really good. It’s easy to leave the party at those points, but if we stay a little longer than the hors d’oeuvres then what follows will be more profound, far-reaching and life changing than we could have imagined before we set out the door.
Ok, so them’s the rules.
Regular coaching starts at £200 per month, but it’s not the only way we can create a transformative space that makes a difference.

What could a transformative space look like for you?

Coaching in the trees

A good half day of hanging out in my favourite climbing trees in Hampstead Heath.
Connecting with the trees, connecting with our bodies, and a rich conversation about the nature of our experience.

A year of change

A three day immersive retreat in a setting deeply connected to nature. We adjust the days as we go to help you get the right balance of loving disruption, reflection and deep rest.
Plus twelve months follow-up coaching to navigate a full year of life through a new lens.

Monthly recharge

One day every month dedicated to reflection and regeneration, providing a regular punctuation to the year and a mini-retreat. Our location for the day will be a mix of indoor/outdoor depending on the weather and your energy levels.

Ready to explore what working with me

could look like for you?